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What Would You Do?...

1. You are the customer service rep for ABC Company. During an appointment, one of your clients angrily explodes at you. To diffuse his anger, you should:
Explode back
Tell him that what he is saying is so important that you’d like to get a notebook and take down all his concerns
Explain your side of the story
Cry & show him how much his anger hurts you
2. During a staff meeting, one of your colleagues tells a joke about you to the rest of the group. They all laugh, but you feel cut down and hurt. You should:
Laugh & pretend that it didn’t hurt
Tell a joke back on the person
Look directly at that person and say in a loud voice “Stop it!”
Get her alone & ask if she really feels that way about you
3. After working all day long, then cooking & serving dinner, you ask dad and kids to help out by cleaning the dishes. They promise to help, but night after night your request goes unheeded. You feel angry and frustrated. You should:
Immediately start to nag more fiercely
Throw away all the dishes (except your own place setting) and let them eat off paper plates
Threaten to leave the family
Ground the kids and give your husband the “cold shoulder”
4. You are at work, you notice the company “Wet-Blanket” coming toward you. She corners you and says, “Things are sooooo bad around here! The moral stinks! All everyone does is complain, complain, complain!” You should:
Say: “It’s not so bad, cheer up!”
Say: “You might be right. Why don’t you come up with some ideas and proposals about what we can do about it?”
Say: “Well, things may be bad, but I’m going to have a great day anyway.”
Say: Oooooh. You poor thing. I feel so bad for you, tell me more about your feelings and how I can help you.”
None of the above
Both b and c
5. You are giving a presentation at work, one of your teammates turns and says, “How could you say something so stupid! You are really full of S __ __ __!” You should:
Say: “Congratulations! It takes most people months to reach that conclusion, you came to it in only 45 minutes!”
Say: “I think it’s inappropriate to use profanity at work.”
Say: “You’re really full of S __ __ __ too!”
Say: “Can you please re-phrase your feelings using an ‘I statement’?”

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