WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? A Cognitive Concept
Did you know that you are both an artist and a canvas at the same time?

The canvas part of you is made from all of your past experiences and messages which you have received, mostly in childhood, from your parents, peers, and society. It is as if you have a self-portrait inside of you which you use as a way to see yourself and navigate through life. People and your past have painted upon the canvas of your mind to create your own unique self-image.

The image we have of ourselves creates what psychologists call self-esteem; which impacts how we think. Some of us think we can achieve anything with enough hard work, and some of us think we will never amount to anything no matter how hard we try.

Think about what messages you received as a child from your parents and peers; were they messages of potential and possibilities, or were they messages of restraint and restriction? And as you reflect a bit on your upbringing, be sure to not play the blame-game; saying to yourself, “It’s all their fault and what they said to me – my life could have been so much better.” That is called determinism and will keep you stuck in a rut. Our future is not totally determined by what happened to us in the past; we still have the power of choice and the chance to grow and change.

Therein lies the artist part of you. Famous artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, and Da Vinci have all painted over another hidden picture behind to create a new image; and many of these became world renowned and priceless works of art.

No one can out-perform the image they have of themselves. Yet, be aware today that you have the power to “paint over” that bad habit, the fear which holds you back, and the doubt which makes you drag your feet.

So, who do you think you are – that is who you will be: This is a Cognitive Concept; change your thinking and you will change your life.

Psychologist and Humorist, Bruce Christopher