What do the super-stars of success know that the rest of us do not? Why do some people just seem to rise to the top in their field?
Why is it that some people have all the luck?

What are the factors which lead to success in life? Not just financially, but in all the areas of our life; in our relationships, in our health, and in our career. This is a question for which we would all like to receive some answers.

In the past, psychologists believed that success in life could be predicted on the basis of our I.Q. score (i.e.; an “intelligence quotient” assessment which we took in school). It was thought that if one had a high I.Q., then one would go on to be very successful in life. We now know this is not necessarily the case.

Recent research has uncovered another dimension for success: it is called “Emotional Intelligence” and it is highly linked to personal and professional accomplishment.

I like to think of it as Personal, Motivational, and Social Intelligence. That is, people who tend to be successful know their three arenas of skill:

First, they Manage themselves (particularly under times of stress and transition)

Second, they Motivate themselves (to identify and achieve their goals while learning to deal with set- backs)

Third, they Manage others (to help the people around them to get to where they want to go)

This program demonstrates how your E.Q. is more important than your I.Q. and how your attitude is more important than your latitude.

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