“I’ve worked these programs in Las Vegas for 25 years, and photographed 2 or 3 hundred speakers, and you are by far the best I have ever seen.”  UNDER ONE ROOF CONFERENCE LAS VEGAS, PENNWELL CORPORATION

“I was expecting a boring clinical lecture, instead it was like a stand-up comedy show!”  NEW YORK DENTAL FORUM

“I laughed so much my mascara is running!”  SHRM NATIONAL CONFERENCE LAS VEGAS

“Bruce was the highest rated speaker we ever had.”  Tim Violette BOEING

“I loved it! Excellent use of comedy to communicate the points.”  Casey Casort ROCKETDYNE

“It was fascinating to watch the change from misunderstandings and negative assumptions we have made in the past.”  Jack LoSapio  ALLIANZ LIFE INSURANCE

“Your presentation was the talk of the week!”  Melodye Turek  COLORADO SAFETY COUNCIL

“What a great motivator!  Can’t wait to try out the ideas!”  Terry Dettlaff  CERIDIAN CORPORATION

“Bruce’s seminar was rated the highest in value added at our IT Professional Growth Conference.”  John Carlson  PRINCIPLE FINANCIAL

“The overwhelming response survey of our sales meeting in Nashville … ‘Bring Bruce Back!’”  Kathleen Bedner  GENERAL ELECTRIC CORPORATION

“It’s a winner.  I guarantee it!”  Charles Hazzard  OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL

“Overall, it looks like you were the smash of the convention!” Leslie Smith  AMERICAN COLLECTION ASSOCIATION

“His presentation was an absolute success at our annual convention, humorous, educational, and extremely entertaining.”  Stacy Evans  THE MILLION DOLLAR ROUNDTABLE

“Bruce’s seminar was voted both most valuable and most popular this year.”  Garfield Tyson  NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION

“You were great and had the audience totally captivated.”  Karolyn Kiburz  MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL

“Your presentation was an overwhelming success and made for the best conference we ever had.”  Sharon Mickelson  DELTA AIRLINES

“Bravo! Your seminar was a wild success … again!”  Helen Manning  TEXAS INSTRUMENTS

“You were a hit!  When asked what they liked best about the convention … the answer was Bruce Christopher!”  Kim Granger  INTERNATIONAL DAIRY QUEEN

“People are still talking about your presentation.  They loved you!”  Jodi Haniszewski  STATE FARM INSURANCE

“Bruce, it sounds like you crushed it at Health Alliance!  You earned 10/10 across the board”  Aaron Rehberg  CAPITOL CITY SPEAKERS BUREAU

“Laughter and applause could easily be heard outside the conference room!”  Janet Ward  HEALTH ALLIANCE

“I have been in the Mortgage business since 1981 … In all my years attending sales rallies, I have never had a speaker when they were done after 2+ hours of speaking, my 200+ Sales folks said, ‘I wish he could have gone longer.’  And ‘best speaker ever.’ ‘Great takeaways AND a sense of humor!!’”  Shirley Sasser  TOWNEBANK MORTGAGE

“Bruce Christopher was amazing!  The energy and participation from attendees was through the roof.”  Lisa Kelly  AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF DENTAL OFFICE MANAGEMENT

“Hi Bruce, I truly loved your training today!  Thank you for coming!  We really needed it.”  Toni Evans  COUNTY OF YORK PENNSYLVANIA

“Dear Bruce, Thank you very much for joining us at the recent IAMC conference.  Your session hit on all marks – energy, entertainment, and information!”  Rya Hazelwood  INDUSTRIAL ASSET MANAGEMENT COUNCIL

“Great!  People are still talking about Bruce Christopher’s seminar.”  Jennifer Chiange  THE UNITED WAY

“I loved your presentation … It was inspiring and entertaining!”  Lauren Carver  HURON REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER

“The attendees were all calling for more!”  Dr. Nicole Nalchajian  FRESNO ORTHODONTICS

“You were selected among hundreds of possible speakers and you were sensational.”  Guy Baker  THE MILLION DOLLAR ROUNDTABLE

“He had the audience hooked from the beginning of his presentation and didn’t let go.  Bruce was smart, funny, and engaging.”  Linda K Brown  NEW YORK LIFE HEADQUARTERS

“Bruce, Thanks for ‘Hitting it out of the Park.’  Your message was a perfect fit for our Life Sales Seminar.  Thanks for making me look good!!”  Jim Nicklaus  LIFE SALES CONVENTION

“You had me snorting from laughter in the morning, and you kept the crowd engaged throughout.  Something that is very much appreciated!”  Dara Barney  IDAHO INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION

“I really enjoyed your seminar.  It was definitely the most exciting of the show.”  Nathan  INTERNATIONAL HOME BUILDERS CONFERENCE

“Thank you!!  You are one of our most requested speakers – can’t wait to have you back.”  Suzanne Brooks  OHIO DENTAL CONFERENCE

“I attended your session at the Paylocity Conference … it was outstanding!”  Emily  PAYLOCITY NATIONAL CONFERENCE CHICAGO