Stressed Out Quiz

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What do you know about stress? Take a Stress-Test…

Americans consume 15 tons of aspirin per day.

Stress on the job, stays on the job.

Each year, $200 billion dollars of potential production is lost due to stress among the work-force.

Employees have learned how to NOT get fired from their jobs by putting out only 30% of their potential energy level.

Professional women have a higher burn-out rate than professional men.

As long as you enjoy your work, you can work as long and as hard as you want too.

The number one motivator for on the job performance is money.

The average ratio of negative to positive statements given to an employee in a single day is 8 negatives for every 1 positive.

Too much stress can give you a nervous break-down.

What happens to you is what determines your level of stress.