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CONFLICT PART 2 ‘who’s got a problem’

CONFLICT TOO!! Or – “Who’s got a problem?” Welcome back to my newsletter “Lessons from the Lab” where I write articles about personal and professional success; based upon social and psychological insight and studies. In my last letter, I introduced to you the topic of conflict and how relationships can often simmer over time in [...]

CONFLICT PART 1 ‘what are you so mad about’

CONFLICT!! Or – “What are you so mad about?” Before I became a national traveling speaker, I managed a private practice as a psychologist. Often, couples would come in for some counseling (which is always a good idea for a relationship tune-up) about a particular issue between them. “How can I help you?” I may [...]


COACHING VS. BOSSY-BOSS: Making a Mark that is Hard to Erase Someone said, “Business is relationships.” So true. It is no secret that communication runs our lives. Effective communication is a tremendous predictor for personal and professional success. Yet, how good are you really at this essential skill....and better yet, how good is your manager [...]

Bambi vs. Godzilla

Bambi vs. Godzilla How to Deal With Difficult People By Psychologist, Bruce Christopher Difficult people are everywhere! They can be our co-workers, customers, supervisors, neighbors, and even family members. Difficult personality types can drain us of our energy and move us from a positive position to a negative state of mind very quickly. Many of [...]

Are We Having Fun

Are We Having Fun, Yet? Attitude and Peak Performance in the Workplace By Psychologist, Bruce Christopher So much of what we consider success in life simply is how we look at things. The story has been told of parents who had two identical twin boys. They were identical in everyway except for their temperaments. One [...]